Meet the team

Real people. Dedicated, respected and passionate

Will ‘The qualified’ Oldroyd

Engineering Apprentice

Will has been working with us for the past 2 years throughout all of the school holidays so already feels like one of the family and has fitted straight into the team! He has been restoring an MGB roadster and GT with his Father for many years (It will be finished by the spring, just not sure which one....) and is a true lover of all things MG. A great asset to the Team Will has joined us on the National apprenticeship scheme and is attending college one day a week to complete his national diploma in automotive engineering. To date, bar reaching 37 mph on his 50cc motorbike, his claim to fame was winning 'the most attractive boy' at his school leaving ball.......... Crikey, best get a hairbrush for the workshop!

Ross Broadbent

Chassis engineer

Well, how do you describe Ross……. When we asked him what he thought of the MG brand, his reply was ‘Cut me in half and you will see MG run through me just like a stick of rock’……. With his family going back through 4 generations of working at the MG factory in Abingdon, he has an in built love of all things MG and you won’t find a more skilled, passionate and experienced person to work on the restoration of your car

Tim Fenna

Technical Director

With over 20 years of automotive engineering and design under his belt, Tim shows no signs of losing his appetite for thinking up bright ideas to give classic sports cars a modern cutting edge. All Frontline's new upgrade packages have been conceived, developed and rigorously tested by Tim.

Ed Braclik

Sales Director

It was almost 10 years ago that Ed discovered Frontline as a customer and it was not long after that he realised the dream and joined in his current position. His lifelong addiction to classic cars is soon apparent when you meet him and get involved in designing and creating the specifications for your hand built British sports car.

David Austin

Trim Manager

To date, David has never failed to rise to a challenge and all of these delivered with outstanding results. Working with leather for longer than he would like us to know, David is the one that designs and creates our stunning interiors and I think that his work speaks for itself!

Colin Bolton


Never content with ‘That will do’, Colin treats every restoration as his own to assure that every car is better than perfect before even the first coat of primer is applied. This is a skill acquired through time served, and not something that you can learn in a weekend. True craftsmanship at its best.

Finlay Snell


We overheard Finlay speaking with one of the team recently, describing how much he has fallen in love with working here. Being born into the camp of ‘car lovers’, he converted his passion and hobby of restoring, improving and building cars over to us in 2015 and left his previous career of painting behind him. A great new member to the team who is full of enthusiasm, ideas and talent

Andy Butcher

Chassis Engineer

As a race engineer Andy has a wealth of experience gained from road, track and race cars. Personally campaigning a classic Mini and BMW for many years, his passion to create the perfect road car is apparent and his level of detail unrivalled.

Dave Cook

Body Shop Manager

Doing his apprenticeship with Rolls Royce and Bentley, David knows the meaning of perfection! There is nothing that gets past the eagle eye of David and the fact that he is also a huge fan of all things MG, there is no one better to run our paint shop than he.

Daniel Cook


You guessed it, Son of David and following in the family footsteps. I would describe it as healthy competition between father and son to see who can produce the perfect finish. Outside the paint booth both David and Daniel race an MG Midget, these cars really are in their blood!

Maggie Patston

General Manager

Having joined the company in 1995, Maggie has a technical knowledge and understanding that puts many of us to shame! Once the working day closes however you will normally find her either recording the scores on the cricket pitch or cheering from the stalls at Bath rugby ground

Aaron Pickard


Joining the company at the age of 16 as an apprentice, Aaron soon realised his talents behind the wheel of the sewing machine! Being the youngest member of the team he is always full of enthusiasm and flair, even if he is a little sleepy on Monday mornings.

Bill Stratton

Electrical Designer

Joining us from the stable of MG after their demise, Bill has brought with him almost 25 years of senior technical ‘Hands on’ and design experience and heads up new project planning, design and testing.